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Our reputation starts with our team. Meet just some of the caring, passionate people who may be working at your side and behind the scenes.


The Physician is responsible for directing your care while you are a patient at Magee. As the coordinator for your treatment program, your physician should be consulted if you have questions about your condition.

Case Management

Planning for your discharge begins at the point of admission. A case manager will be assigned, and will coordinate the services you need prior to your discharge from Magee. Your case manager will consult with you and your physician about the need for continued services and/or equipment when you leave Magee and will coordinate a safe discharge to home.


A team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants provide nursing care around the clock. The Nurse Manager is responsible for coordination of nursing care on each unit. Please feel free to contact your nurse or the Nurse Manager on your unit if you have any questions or concerns regarding your stay at Magee. A Nurse Supervisor is available on evenings and nights and the weekends to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist will be involved in your care if you need assistance with everyday tasks such as eating, bathing and dressing.

Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapist will evaluate your strength, mobility and flexibility. The therapist will prepare an exercise program to help you increase your strength and overall level of activity.

Recreational Therapy

A Recreational Therapist may lead group activities that promote self-expression and social interaction among group members. Recreational therapy will also encourage increased activity through leisure and community activities.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapists evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Practicing under the direction of a physician, respiratory therapists assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care, therapeutic treatments, and diagnostic procedures.

Speech and Language

A Speech Therapist may meet with you to see how well you are swallowing food and liquids. If you are having problems with speaking, understanding, reading or writing, the therapist will prepare a plan to assist you.


The Psychology Department consists of licensed PhD level staff with considerable expertise in working with disabled and geriatric populations. Most have specialty training and experience in assessing and treating cognitive deficits found in brain injury, stroke, or neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease.


The Hospital has registered dietitians to assist in meeting your nutritional needs during your stay. Please notify your nurse if you have questions about your meals or diet so that the nurse may follow up with the dietitian.

Support Services

Providing quality care to each patient requires the diligent efforts of employees and staff throughout Magee. Some of the employees you may meet directly include the Housekeeping staff, who are responsible for keeping your room clean, and the Food Services staff. Other departments such as Admissions, Engineering and Maintenance, Laboratory, Medical Records, Pharmacy and Radiology work behind the scenes to promote your comfort. Please notify your nurse if you have questions or concerns about any of the Hospital services.


Our adult volunteers contribute many hours of service, supplementing our Hospital staff and adding a dimension of warmth and caring to Magee.