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Over $12 million has been raised to benefit the patients of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital!


The Friends of Jerry Segal support numerous programs and services for individuals with disabilities. Whether helping a patient purchase a wheelchair, providing funds to help patients as they return to their family, friends and jobs, or funding community initiatives such as Magee's peer support programs, the Jerry Segal Classic has touched the lives of thousands of individuals.

Contributions to the Segal Classic have helped Magee and supported the following:

Jerry and Carolyn Segal Community Skills Center

Located on the rooftop of Magee, this center emulates a city street complete with uneven curbs, potholes, gravel, an automobile, phone booth, front porch, and more! Patients practice getting into a car, unlocking a front door, and negotiating uneven pavement. By teaching community skills, Magee helps make the transition from hospital to home easier.

Segal Family and Friends Meal Program

This program has provided patients' family members and guests with more than 50,000 meals as a way to defray their personal expenses related to hospital visits. These funds have been used to reduce the added burden of meal costs during what is a stressful time financially and otherwise for the patients' friends and families and allows patients and their loved ones to eat together.

Segal Housing Fund

This fund subsidizes guest housing at the Windsor Hotel and enables family members of patients who live far away to stay near their loved ones during rehabilitation and learn how to care for the patients when they return home.

Segal Equipment Fund

When you have a disability, having the right equipment in your home is essential to achieving maximum independence. This fund supports patients who need equipment that they cannot afford.

This also funds new equipment for inpatients including a new treadmill for locomotor training, shower trolleys, wheelchairs, cushions, and many other items to benefit patients.

Segal funds have also purchased new ReoTherapy equipment that improve shoulder and elbow movements in stroke and SCI patients.

Wendkos Stroke Center

To provide community based activities and opportunities for socialization for stroke survivors and their families, and to support the stroke club, alternatives, annual social events, and a monthly newsletter.

Spinal Cord Injury Programs

Subsidize the Spinal Cord Injury Follow-up Program which provides lifetime health and wellness programs. These programs help individuals with disabilities maintain their highest quality of life.

Support the Spinal Cord Injury Peer Mentor Program, which provides free peer advice and support to individuals with SCI.

Adjunctive Therapies

Adjunctive therapies such as horticulture therapy, theatre arts and art therapy are supported by the Segal Classic. These programs allow individuals with disabilities to participate in cultural programs that build self esteem and strengthen cognitive skills.

Community Re-entry Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available for enrollment in Magee's Community Re-entry Program. This clinical program helps patients to resume their roles as students, homemakers, employees, or parents. The scholarships are distributed based on financial need, allowing individuals to participate who otherwise would have been unable to afford enrollment in the program. For more information about Re-entry funds in action, click here.

Medical Education Programs for Clinical Personnel

Magee Rehabilitation is recognized as a leader in training and education for residents and medical students. By providing these programs today, Magee is helping to ensure quality of care in the future.

The Segal Classic also funded the following:

New vans for the hospital to transport patients to and from medical appointments outside Magee as well as to the Riverfront facility.

Flat-screen televisions and television and telephone service in every patient room.

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