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Full time Employees

All fulltime employees are granted Paid Time Off (PTO) days depending on employee group and length of service.

Non-exempt employees are hourly, clerical and support staff. Exempted employees are professional and management staff.

Part-time Employees

All part-time benefit eligible employees budgeted for at least 40 hours bi-weekly, but less than 80 hours will accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) on pro-rated bases.

A part-time employee will accrue PTO based on hours worked up to the maximum number of PTO days accrued by a full-time budgeted position. Paid Time of (PTO) days is granted depending employee group and length of service.

PTO will be used for: Vacation Time, Personal Time and Short-Term Sickness. The maximum allowable PTO bank will be one year equivalent for each person based on years of service.