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The Lifetime Follow-Up System of Care at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital plays an important role in provision of a full continuum of service throughout a person's lifetime. This System of Care provides patients and families with continued access to a rehabilitation physician and a team of expert rehabilitation professionals. This team provides a variety of services to help patients maintain or regain their level of physical function and good health. Case management is offered to coordinate each patient's lifetime care needs.

All Magee inpatients, upon discharge, as well as any person who was never a patient of Magee before, can utilize this system to continue services to supplement primary care in the community. The Follow-Up System at Magee offers medical, nursing, functional, psychological, nutritional, social, and vocational support and services. Specialty services available as part of the Lifetime Follow-Up System include medical clinics such as urology and skintegrity services, specialized equipment and assistive technology clinics, case management services, nutritional supplement program, Confidence (bowel and bladder) program, spasticity management (baclofen pump or botox), and rehab physician services. The Follow-Up Clinic collaborates with a person's primary care physician and home care agencies to offer a comprehensive, rehab specialized and coordinated care plan.

For further information on the Lifetime Follow Up System of Care, please call 215-587-3394.