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Through our daily lives we're constantly evaluating. Which gas station offers the lower price per gallon? What should I have for lunch? Do I have time to go to the gym? What most of us don't do, however, is reevaluate our professional lives. Sometimes you get comfortable in a job and think it's not worth the effort to look around. But with comfort comes lack of challenge, satisfaction and reward.

If you've never considered rehabilitation medicine and the concept of "wellness" care, it's time to reevaluate this option. At Magee Rehabilitation, you'll not only find it, but also have some of the best jobs in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Magee's clinicians practice a particular brand of care that gets people back to health and on with their lives, going from injury to independence by helping patients challenge obstacles and change outcomes. Most rewardingly our team members truly benefit by working face-to-face and one-on-one with our patients, lending their skills to individuals facing some of the most intimidating situations of their lives. Every day our professionals see the important difference they can make in patient recovery. And isn't that why you entered the field in the first place?

In addition to finding what's missing in your career, Magee offers one of the best benefit packages in the region. What's more, you'll enjoy the pride that comes from working in of the best rehabilitation hospitals in the nation, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

We do this in a team setting that brings the best and brightest professionals together from many disciplines. From therapist and nurses to case managers and neuropsychologist, our teams are truly impressive.