Need a Wheelchair-Accessible Van? Now’s Your Chance!

When you are living with a disability, there are many everyday challenges you must overcome. But for wheelchair users, one of the biggest is transportation. Wheelchair-accessible vans are one of the best modes of transportation — but they are not cheap. But now you have a chance to win your very own wheelchair-accessible van — all you have to do is share your story.

awareness-banner-adMay is National Mobility Awareness Month, and to celebrate, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is giving away 3 custom wheelchair-accessible vans to Local Heroes. Really!

To enter, visit and share a written summary or short video explaining your need for the van and how you are making the most out of life with a disability. Once your entry is online, it’s time to get out the vote! Only Local Heroes who were in the top 10% of vote earners will move on, so don’t be shy. Voting ends on Friday, May 9, so you gotta hurry!

Here’s a hint: you can contact your local NMEDA dealer for a special promo code that will get you 10 extra votes — score! Click here to find a dealer in your area.

Good luck!

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    My story is that I’ve been extremely aware and felt a tenderness for seniors and people who need a little extra help. As a young person I was caregiver to my mom and sister to my mentally challenged brother. Hospitals were a familiar place. Getting older I very frequently was the one to provide mobility for family members and friends. This sense of responsibility developed over time and prompted me to start my own small business. After 2 years, I do have a van capable of transporting folks, but only if they are ambulatory. A wheel chair accessible van is ideal for me to accommodate those folks who need a little extra help.