Code of Conduct

Magee's Code of Conduct, the keystone of ethical business standards.

The MAGEE Code of Conduct provides the guiding standards for our decisions and actions as members of the MAGEE community. Although the Code of Conduct can neither cover every situation in the daily conduct of MAGEE’s many varied activities nor substitute for common sense, individual judgement or personal integrity, it is the duty of each member of the MAGEE community to adhere, without exception, to the principles set forth herein.

MAGEE Shall Comply With All Applicable Laws. It is the duty of MAGEE and each member of the MAGEE community to uphold all applicable laws and regulations. All members of the MAGEE community must be aware of the legal requirements and restrictions applicable to their respective positions and duties. MAGEE expects each of its community members to refrain from engaging in activity which may jeopardize the tax exempt status of the organization, including inappropriate lobbying and political activities.

MAGEE shall implement programs necessary to further such awareness and to monitor and promote compliance with such laws and regulations. Questions about the legality or propriety of any actions undertaken by or on behalf of MAGEE should be referred immediately to one’s supervisor, the MAGEE Compliance Officer or to the appropriate MAGEE Legal Counsel. To enhance such communication, MAGEE has implemented ComplyLine, a confidential, anonymous telephone service that can be reached by dialing 1-888-5COMPLY. Any member of the MAGEE community who wishes to report violations or discuss ethical concerns may do so through ComplyLine.

MAGEE Shall Conduct Its Affairs in Accordance With the Highest Ethical Standards. MAGEE and all of its employees and other members of the MAGEE community shall conduct all activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the community and their respective professions at all times and in a manner which shall uphold MAGEE’s reputation and standing. No member of the MAGEE community shall make false or misleading statements to any patient,person or entity doing business with MAGEE.

All MAGEE Community Members Shall Avoid Conflicts of Interest. MAGEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the provision of health care, education of health professionals and performance of health-related research. All members of the MAGEE community must faithfully conduct their duties, in their assigned roles and tasks, for the purpose, benefit and interest of MAGEE and those whom it serves.

All MAGEE community members have a duty to avoid conflicts with the interests of MAGEE and may not use their positions and affiliations with MAGEE for personal benefit. Members of the MAGEE community must consider and avoid not only actual conflicts but also the appearance of conflicts of interest.

MAGEE Shall Strive to Attain the Highest Standards for All Aspects of Patient Care. All members of the MAGEE community must support the MAGEE mission to provide health services of the highest quality that respond to the needs of our patients, their families and the community as a whole. The care provided must be reasonable and necessary to the care of each patient, as appropriate to the situation, and such care must be provided by properly qualified individuals. All such care must be properly documented as required by law and regulation, payor requirements and professional standards.

MAGEE Shall Provide Equal Opportunity and Shall Respect the Dignity of All Members of MAGEE. MAGEE is committed to providing healthcare, education and employment for all persons, without regard to race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or veteran’s status. MAGEE is committed to maintaining an environment that respects the dignity of each individual in the community. Therefore, prohibited discrimination in any form or context will not be tolerated.

MAGEE Shall Maintain the Appropriate Levels of Confidentiality for Information and Documents Entrusted to It. Members of the MAGEE community have access to a variety of sensitive and proprietary information, the confidentiality of which must be protected. All members of the MAGEE community must adhere to the appropriate laws, regulations, polices and procedures to ensure that confidential information is properly maintained and inappropriate or unauthorized release is prevented. MAGEE and its community members shall create and keep records and documentation that conform to legal, professional and ethical standards.

MAGEE Shall Maintain a Relationship of Integrity With Each Payor Source. MAGEE and the members of its community shall ensure that all requests for payment for healthcare services are (i) reasonable, necessary and appropriate; (ii) provided by properly qualified persons, and (iii) the claims for such services are billed in the correct amount and supported by appropriate documentation.

MAGEE and Members of the Community Shall Conduct All Business With Honesty and Integrity. All business practices of MAGEE must be conducted with honesty and integrity and in a manner that promotes MAGEE’s reputation with patients, payors, vendors, competitors and the academic community. All members of the MAGEE community must:

  • adhere to proper business practices and federal and state fraud, abuse and referral prohibitions in dealing with vendors and referral sources;
  • conduct business transactions free from offers or solicitation of gifts, favors or other improper inducements;
  • conform to all applicable antitrust laws and regulations, and ensure that MAGEE does not violate laws and regulations with respect to (i) pricing or other sale terms or conditions, (ii) improper sharing of competitive information, (iii) the allocation of territories or (iv) the impermissible exclusion of others from economic activities;
  • maintain and protect the property and assets of MAGEE, including intellectual property and proprietary information, controlled substances and pharmaceuticals, equipment and supplies, and funds of MAGEE and refrain from converting MAGEE assets to personal use;
  • maintain the confidentiality of proprietary in formation belonging to other persons or entities doing business with MAGEE;
  • prepare accurate financial reports, accounting records, research reports, expense accounts, time sheets and other documents so that they completely and accurately represent the relevant facts and true nature of all MAGEE business transactions.

MAGEE Shall Have Proper Regard for Safety Within and Without the Community. MAGEE and members of the MAGEE community shall work to ensure a workplace which conforms with regulations regarding occupational health and safety. MAGEE is committed to proper maintenance of the earth’s environment, therefore, all medical waste, hazardous waste and other products shall be used and disposed of in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

The Code of Conduct Shall be Integral to the Operation of MAGEE and the Activities of the Community. The Code of Conduct exists for the benefit of MAGEE and all members of the MAGEE community. It is a dynamic document that will change through the contributions of MAGEE members and all members of the MAGEE community are encouraged to suggest changes or additions to the Code. The Code of Conduct must be incorporated into the daily activities of MAGEE and the community. The Code of Conduct augments, but does not limit, specific policies and procedures of MAGEE, and MAGEE community members must perform their duties in accordance with such policies and procedures. It is the duty of each member of the MAGEE community to uphold the standards set forth in the Code of Conduct and to report violations by following the reporting procedures outlined by MAGEE. Officers, managers and supervisors of MAGEE have a special duty to adhere to the principles set forth in the Code of Conduct, to support other members of the community in their adherence to the Code, to recognize and detect violations of the Code, and to enforce the standards set forth herein. It is a violation of the Code of Conduct to take any actions in reprisal against anyone who reports, in good faith, suspected violations of the Code of Conduct or other MAGEE policies and procedures. Alleged violations of the Code of Conduct or other policies and procedures of MAGEE will be investigated by persons designated by, and pursuant to procedures established by, MAGEE. Disciplinary action for violations of the Code of Conduct and other MAGEE policies and procedures shall be enforced through the disciplinary policies and procedures of MAGEE. Disciplinary actions will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include dismissal from employment. MAGEE will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in connection with the investigation and prosecution of the offender.


Q & A’s

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